Autonomous Life is the key element making NAO alive and responsive. To be fully effective, it requires to be combined with Basic Channel and Installed Activities .

To activate or deactivate Autonomous Life , see: Switching Autonomous life on and off.

Default settings

By default, when you receive your NAO, only the Autonomous Life is installed and turned on:

Alive, but deaf and dumb: Autonomous Life : ON - Basic Channel : OFF

On startup:

  • If he is on his feet, NAO gets up.
  • If he is sitting, NAO remains seated.

In all cases, NAO wags slightly, and seems to be waiting for something to happen.

But he cannot understand your questions and has no conversation skills.

Recommended settings 

We recommend to subscribe to the Basic Channel.

Alive and responsive : Autonomous Life : ON - Basic Channel : ON

On startup:

  • If he is on his feet, NAO gets up,
  • If he is sitting, NAO remains seated.

Then, NAO orientates its head towards human, and is able to react to basic stimuli, such as sounds, movements, or tactile contacts.

  • If you stay away, NAO does not talk, but looks for people willing to talk and interact.
  • If you come closer, NAO listens and tries to make a relevant answer.

For further details, see: Interacting with NAO.