Where is the most recent Python API documentation?

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Johann Petrak

The web pages related to Pepper programming are incredibly confusing and badly organized and seem to change all the time as well.

What is the latest version of software to use for interacting with a Pepper robot using the Python API and where is the detailed Python API documentation explaining the various API methods?

PS: and why do I have to prove that I am human after having logged into this web site with my credentials?????????

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Johann Petrak gepostet über 1 Jahr her

Thank you, but this is exactly the page that I find confusing: the leftmost column seems to refer to pepper and shows NAOqi 2.5 as the latest version while the rightmost column seems to refer to NAO and shows NAOqi 2.8 as the latest version. But when looking at either of these versions, both 2.5 and 2.8 reference Pepper! There is, to my knowledge no page that definitely tells users which versions are compatible or recommended for which robot or which robot firmwares.

It gets even worse when looking at the specific documentaiton, e.g. when looking at the documentation pages mentioning "Python SDK", they lead to a few small pages, but none of them document the actual Python API properly.

Instead, the C++ documentation sometimes, but often not, containes examples for the corresponding Python API, but there is no proper Python API documentation at all, although the Python SDK is listed as the one that supports most features. 

TBH I find the documentation rather badly organized and disappointing and definitely not something that makes it easy to and enjoyable to program for Pepper. 

That the Python API is still only supported for Python 2.7, a version that has been released 12 years ago (!!) and had its end of life in 2020 adds to the frustration.

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Lukas Brandt

Lukas Brandt gepostet über 1 Jahr her

Hey Johann,

I think the most "recent" documentation can be found here:
You need to select your Robot Model and NAOqi Version 

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