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Hi everyone! 

This seems to be a problem different from the known issue with the emulator.

I installed Android studio, version 4.2.2 (as the newer ones have caused me issues with the emulator) along with the QiSDK and everything else needed on a win-10 machine. 

Upon starting the emulator, the robot viewer loads completely, while the tablet gets stuck showing the Android logo. Executing an app is not possible (as the emulator did not finish loading). This is the error from the SDK logs: 


2022-12-07 08:16:51 ERROR ProcessListUtil:108 - Android Studio 4.2.2  Build #AI-202.7660.26.42.7486908

2022-12-07 08:16:51 ERROR ProcessListUtil:111 - JDK: 11.0.8; VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM; Vendor: N/A

2022-12-07 08:16:51 ERROR ProcessListUtil:114 - OS: Windows 10

2022-12-07 08:16:51 ERROR ProcessListUtil:120 - Plugin to blame: Pepper SDK version: 1.5.3

2022-12-07 08:16:51 ERROR ProcessListUtil:103 - Broken output of WinProcessListHelper.exe: process ID is not a number: 0

java.lang.Throwable: Broken output of WinProcessListHelper.exe: process ID is not a number: 0


Measures taken so far: 

* Re-installation of Android Studio and components 

* Graphic drivers update 

* Disk cleanup 

* Monitoring of CPU and RAM utilization (pens out well) 

I really need to get this to work - Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks! 

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