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Posted about 2 years ago by Clement Portales

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Dear NAO programmers, 

If you are looking to understand which functions are contained in which libraries, here are a few pointers : 

Softbank Robotics' Developer Center has a section for NAO. In this section, the  Java doc page has a link to here with full doc.

The javascript doc page is less direct about the inner details. It introduces how to setup the javascript and methods at the surface level, and then for all the robot API that allows you to access, it tells you to use the service object to reference the same style API as would be used in Python/C++ and provides this link for that.  

 In summary :

  1. The NAOqi API is usable through C++/Python/JavaScript/Java, each of those language will have some different tooling at the top level to access the API.
  2. From there, the normal NAOqi API reference is always the place to go, for the actual functions of robot functionalities:

For javascript specifically, it is also possible to use a small utility library that takes care of most of the boilerplate to make it easier to directly call any NAOqi service: 

Hope this is helpful !

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