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Posted over 1 year ago by Ali Muqaddas

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Ali Muqaddas

In new machines, we are getting error in android studio when creating new robot application. The gradle error are attached while old projects are working fine. The same problem with three different machines. 

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Lukas Brandt

Lukas Brandt posted over 1 year ago


this could be because the references to the Maven repositories in newer versions of Android Studio have been moved from the build.gradle to the settings.gradle file.

Since the Softbank Pepper SDK was no longer updated, this change was also not applied and the Pepper SDK no longer automatically adds the repository.

Your error text says it can't find the Pepper SDK dependencies because it only queries the two default repositories Google and Maven Central.

The Pepper SDK repository must now be manually added to settings.gradle:

 repositories {



        maven {

            url ''


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