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Posted 10 months ago by Banckmichael

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Hi community, 
I have an issue installing the "NAOqi binary". I am working at an University and have limited access to one of the Pepper robots, so I would like to run an emulator for development reasons. Important note, the Pepper Robot I am working with is running the old Software. Since many tools in the department have been developed using the "Old SDK" (2.5.10 and below) they are not going to update it anytime soon. Therefore I can't use the Android Studio Emulator (I guess).
So I saw these Options here:
-Choregraphe virtual robot
-NAOqi binary
-Virtual world

When I got it right Choregraph virtual robot can't be accessed from apps outside Choregraph. So I would like to go with the "NAOqi binary" and googled it.
I found some instructions here. From there I took the road to "Setting up the NAOqi OS virtual machine" and there the link: "Retrieving software". There is a small description and you can see the link "". But I can't access this side:
" refused to connect"

Long story short, can you please help me getting the link, so I can download the software to run Pepper in an VM/Emulator?

*I have selected as "Post topic in: Python Application Development" but it is a Java app, which shouldn't make any difference for this question

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Joelcurrie posted 2 months ago

Hi, Banckmichael, was this ever resolved I am looking for the same .ova file. 

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Arthur Maixmilian Noller posted about 2 months ago

Hey so regarding the simulated robot from within Choreographe: Try checking the port (i think its in the settings under virtual robot somewhere) it doesn't use the standard 9559 port. Binary: Download/install Choreographe, in the subfolder bin there is a script called "naoqi-bin" launch that script and it will setup a simulated robot for you. If some functionality is missing like for example the AlTextToSpeech module you'll have to install some extra system libraries.

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