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This page provides a basic understanding of the robot screen and Intera Studio user interfaces by defining all components, menus, and buttons. The functionality and definitions of the buttons on the robot´s navigator will also be defined. 


Using the Robot Screen


1. Once the robot is fully assembled and connected to a power supply, press the silver power button located on the side of the controller. Wait for the robot to fully boot into Intera 5.

2. There are two navigators located on the robot. The first is located on the arm and the second is located on the base. The navigators look like this:

Sawyer Navigator Basic.png

3. Complete the boot process by pressing the selector knob or twisting each joint by +/-5 degrees to home the robot.

4. The home screen will now be shown.

Robot Screen 1.png

5. The Robot’s main menu can be found by pressing the Rethink button. 


Using the Training Cuff


1. Put the robot in Zero-Gravity or Zero-G mode by squeezing and holding the Training Cuff above the buttons or by pressing and holding the “O” button on the navigator.

2. When the arm is in a valid position, the training cuff light and cursor will appear blue. If the arm moves too close to the head screen or body, or a joint reaches a limit of travel, the training cuff light will change to orange. Simply move the arm away from the screen, body, or joint limit and the training cuff light will change back to blue.

3. The grasp button is used to pick and place parts. Hold down the grasp button to actuate the end effector.

4. The action button is used to build a task by placing a specific type of node into the behavior tree.

Sawyer Cuff.png


Connecting to Intera Studio


1. Plug one end of a straight-through CAT5 or CAT6 networking cable into the RJ-45 port outside the Robot’s controller.

Note: The RJ-45 port accessed inside the Controller door is used for Rethink purposes only - you cannot connect to your robot from this port.

Ethernet Port.jpg

2. Plug the other end of the cable into a laptop.

Note: Alternatively, it is possible to connect to the robot via a network. To do this the Robot and the PC need to be connected to the in-house factory network. The DHCP server on the network will assign the Robot an IP address automatically. It would be necessary to configure the PC to accept an IP address from the network server if that is not the current setting.

Computer Port.jpg

3. Press the Rethink Button on one of the Robot's Navigators to display the Head Screen Menu.

4. Using the selector knob, choose the Info menu.

Note: The Robot´s IP address is in the About pane. (Pictured below) It may take 30-60 seconds for the IP address to appear in the About window. It may be necessary to select the Info menu several times before the IP address appears.

IP Address.png

6. Open Google Chrome and enter the Robot's IP address in the browser address window, followed by colon (:), followed by the port number: 3000 and press the Enter key.

Note: Make sure that WiFi is not enabled since it may cause addressing problems. Use the latest version of the Chrome browser to access Intera Studio. If the PC or Robot is set to a static IP address, it will need to be changed to DHCP. It may also be necessary to disable WiFi on the PC.

7. Intera Studio appears in a split screen view with the behavior editor on the left and the 3-D view on the right.

Intera Studio 5 1 v3.png

8. To link the Robot and Intera Studio, click on the gripper icon in the bottom left corner of the Intera Studio screen (the gray icon on the right).

Robot Studio Icons.png

9. Then select Grant on the Robot Screen using the selector knob. The gripper icon in Intera Studio will turn green once the Robot and Intera Studio are linked.

Request Control.png



Best Practice

  • A network switch is not required when the Robot is connected directly to the PC.
  • Use a straight-through cable to connect the Robot to the PC.





  • It may take a minute for the network configuration to change from unplugged to an IP address once the cable is connected.
  • If the PC is not connecting to Intera Studio, check that:
    • A straight-through cable, not a crossover cable, is used.
    • The latest version of the Chrome browser is recommended.
    • Clear the History in the browser, close the browser and try again. 

Using Intera Studio


After a successful connection has been established the browser will display the Intera studio. This section of the tutorial will guide you through the different functions, buttons, and menus of this screen by breaking the screen into parts.

Intera Studio 5 1 v5.png



Node Palette Page


The Node Palette is home to all types of nodes which are used to build a task. Each node has a specific function and understanding the use for each node is critical to successfully using Intera Studio.

Node Palette 5 1.png



Behavior Editor Page

The Behavior Editor shows the layout and relationships for all of the nodes. The behavior tree is read left to right and up do down in terms of timing. Here is where you'll add nodes, edit nodes, and reference nodes to each other. Terminology is very important here. Nodes typically have a parent - child relationship. Any node that is to the right of another node is said to be a child of that node. Think of it like an inverted family tree.

Behavior Editor 5 1.png


3D View


The 3D view shows a view of the current physical state of the robot. You can run this view in live mode, showing the actual physical location of a connected robot, or sim mode, where you can simulate movements without actually moving a real robot. You can also visualize poses, frames, grids, and other important parameters of a particular task.

3D view 5 1.png


Task Bar


The task bar can be found in the top, right corner of the studio screen. Here is where you can open up windows to input important data about your task, including configuring end of arm tools, signals, objects for vision, etc...


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