Wait Until Node

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This page provides a detailed overview about the Wait Until node.


Node Description

WaitUntil 5 1.png

Wait Until Node

The Wait Until Node runs until the value of the specified variable equals the specified value, or until it times out. It returns success if specified variable is achieved, and failure if time out. The variable may be a signal, behavior variable or user variable.

Wait Until Nodes are typically used to wait until something in the world to be true before proceeding. For example, waiting for confirmation that a gripper has closed after signalling it to close, or waiting for a tester to be ready before opening the tester and extracting the part.


Node Type

Primitive - Cannot have children.

Node Inspector

WaitUntil Node Inspector.png

  • ID

Not editable

  • name

Auto generated and user editable

  • timeout

Time in seconds to wait before timing out, or click on the infinity symbol to to never time out.



  • variable

drop down list - choose the variable to wait until.

  • logic

Choose the logic for the variable.

  • variable or value

Enter the set point for the variable or value.

  • Comments

User editable - add comments about this node.

Note: A wait until node will return failure if the time out setting is exceeded. In some cases this is the desired behavior, in other cases, it is not. If you want to continue in either case, be sure that the parent of the wait until node has its stop on failure option set to false, or that its parent is a priority node.
If you want to wait until something happens and then do something else, make the wait until node the first child in a sequence.


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