Node Editor

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This page provides a detailed overview about the node editor.


Node Editor

The Node Editor is used to display and edit the properties of the selected node.

The Node Editor can be accessed by selecting a Node and then clicking the Node Inspector button in the Task Bar. It is also accessible by double-clicking any Node in the Behavior Tree Editor.

Full screen point node Inspec.png


Inside the Panel

Once inside the Node Editor all adjustable parameters will be shown. Adjustments are auto-saved, and therefore do not require a save button. Some user input values, such as values in a Do If, require an 'Enter' keystroke to set before closing the Node Editor.

All Nodes share the following:

  • ID: The automatic designation given to the node by the software. It cannot be modified.
  • Name: The displayed name of the Node. It is possible, and recommended, to modify the name to reflect its purpose.
  • Comments: A field to add notes and comments regarding the node.
  • Reset Node: This will clear all changes made to this particular Node. It will act as if the node has just been created therefore the pose location will be lost.
  • Disable Node: Toggling Disable Node will cause the node, and any Children attached to it, to be skipped during a Task.
  • Delete: Erases the Node.

Wait Node def.png


Testing a Move

The Node Editor includes a 'Test' option at the top left corner for Move and Contact Move Nodes. This option will run that specific node in the same way it would act during a Task run.


  • Test of a Move To: The Robot will travel to the Move To Pose from its current location.
  • Test of a Contact Move: The Robot will travel to the Contact Move Pose from its current Position with its properties engaged.


Test Move.png



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