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This page provides a detailed overview about the various Templates that can be chosen. 



A template is a basic or "skeleton" subtree behavior that can be inserted into a task as needed. Templates have behavior tree structure but do not contain unique properties of the nodes, such as references to poses, signals, or other variables. Templates must be configured and customized for the specific applications.

In the Behavior Editor, the Template Node displays as Template Node.png

For access to a library of templates for common behaviors, Rethink Robotics provides a library of default Templates to help provide the basic behavior tree structures to solve a variety of common applications.

For Rethink Templates, the Template node editor will show all of the available and relevant signals, variables, and parameters that are used throughout the template. Once the variable is selected or configured in the template node inspector it will automatically populate in each of the respective locations within the child nodes. When the nodes have satisfactory information, they will change from blue (missing information) to black. This feature is available only for Rethink templates.

Users can also create their own Custom Templates. A Custom Template saves the behavior tree structure of the selected node and its children ("the entire branch"). The Template can then be added in another location in the current task, in another new task, exported, shared, and/or imported from the user's computer.

Note: Custom templates do not provide the option to have the summary of the common signals in the Template Node auto-populate parameters used within the template behavior tree.

Rethink Vs Custom Template Node Editor.png

Viewing and Choosing Templates

Click on the View Templates in the Node Pallet.

Node Palette Templates.png

There are two types of Templates: Rethink and Custom. To choose a template, click on the name of the template and click OK. Templates can be sorted by name or by author, by clicking on Choose Template Sort.png

Choose Template Custom.png

Rethink Robotics Templates

ClickSmart Gripper Pick

Template Clicksmart pick.png

Contact Pick Template

Template Contact pick.png

Find Object Template

Template Find Object.png

Force Test Template

Force Test Template.png

When using some Templates, the user will be prompted to select options for the template prior to it being inserted into the behavior tree.

Force Test Options.png


Pattern Template

Pattern Pick or Place Template.png

Pick Template

Pick Template.png

Place Template

Place Template.png

Touch to Go Template

Touch to Go Template.png

Vacuum Pick Template

Vacuum Pick Template.png

Creating Custom Templates

You can save a custom template by selecting the parent node from which you want all children to be created as a part of a template.

Click the Right Click Menu in the Behavior Editor. Select Save template. This saves the structure of the selected node and its children ("the entire branch") as a Template. This structure of nodes, the Template, can then be added in another location in this task, in another task, exported, or imported. The unique properties of the nodes (i.e. robot positions, variables, signals) are not transferred.

Save Template Custom.png

Save Branch As Template.png

 To choose and insert a custom template, click on Choose Templates in Node Palette.

Example Custom Template Behavior Tree.png



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