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This page demonstrates an application regarding packing via vision control and provides detailed insights of the task development. 


Application – Video


  1. The Pick is a moving location on a conveyor
  2. The Place is a fixed pattern within a box (4x2x2)
  3. A Rethink Robotics vacuum Gripper is used with one vacuum cup
  4. The robot will pick 1 soap bar at a time

Task Bar Configuration

Gripper Information

  • 1 Vacuum cup mounted to the end of a standard Rethink Vacuum Gripper
  • Mass: 440g
  • Length: 110mm



Task Overview

Note: This task was created using Intera 5.0. Some differences may be seen if you are using newer versions of Intera.


The Pick 

  1. Create a standard vision pick
  2. Move the pick signal before the pick so the air turns on prior to picking



Vision Node

  1. Train the object
  2. Set the detection criteria and detect the object
    1. Object: Object_1
    2. Action Type: Moving
  3. Set the Pick pose to be a timed move


The Place

  • Create a Pattern node with a standard place as its child



Pattern Node

  1. Define the pattern within the workspace and update location for all 4 corners of the bottom and all 4 corners of the top of the Pattern
    • It is important that you follow the same order (closckwise/counter-clockwise) for both the bottom and top corners
  2. Dimensions: 4x2x2



Completed Task - Video

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