Running Examples Overview

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This page describes the SDK example programs. These example programs are provided as a starting point, demonstrating usage of the Python SDK packages for control of your robot. 



  • You have completed all of the Installation instructions for setting up your robot and development machine.
  • The development workstation has been connected to the robot and connectivity has been validated.

SDK Example List


Gripper Example - Joystick and Keyboard control for the gripper.

Gripper Cuff Control Example - Simple cuff-interaction control with Zero-G mode.

Head Movement Example - Simple demo moving the head.

Inverse Kinematics Service Example - Basic use of Inverse Kinematics solver service.

Joint Position Example - Joystick, keyboard control for Sawyer's arm.

Joint Position Waypoint Example - Hand-over-hand teach and recording a number of joint position waypoints. These waypoints will then be played back.

Joint Torque Springs Example - Joint torque control example applying virtual spring torques.

Joint Trajectory Playback Example - Trajectory playback using the joint trajectory interface.


Interaction Control


Set Interaction Options Example - Example script for setting interaction control parameters in the current configuration.


Input and Output


Camera Image Display Example - Example tool for viewing cameras feed of Sawyer robot on development machine.

Head Display Image Example - Example tool for displaying image files (png, jpeg) on the Head Screen.

Lights Blinking Example - Flash the lights on the digital outputs.

Running Examples with SDK


Initialize your environment:


$ cd ~/ros_ws
$ ./

Run a Program


$ rosrun intera_examples <example_program> [arguments]


Refer to the individual examples below for a complete list of arguments or run it as


$ rosrun intera_examples <example_program> -h


to find the list of arguments.

Clone the SDK Examples

The 'intera_examples' locate under intera_sdk repo, put 'intera_sdk' into your ROS development workspace ( ~/ros_ws/src ). This will allow you to dig into the examples, follow along with the code walkthroughs and base your custom code off of these examples.


$ cd ~/ros_ws/src
$ git clone



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