Movement Errors

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When working through a task you may encounter movement errors. It may be unclear on what these errors mean or how to go about solving them so I wanted to provide some clarity on three of our most common Movement Errors, Linear Interpolation Error, Controller Not Following, and Planned Motion Collision. 

Linear Interpolation Failed



What's going on: The robot cannot calculate a linear motion between the two points.

Possible solutions:

  1. Only use linear moves when necessar
  2. Keep the distance between linear moves as short as possible.
  3. If an error is encountered, break the move up into 2 separate moves.  The downside is there will be a brief pause between the moves. 
  4. Reduce the linear and rotation acceleration parameters in the Move To node.



For a more detailed post on "Linear interpolation error" check this out

Controller Not Following




What's going on: This most often occurs when the robot comes into contact with an obstruction and cannot proceed.

Possible solution: Follow the arm throughout its task while watching for possible collision locations. If found adjust local moves as necessary.

Planned Motion Collision



What's going on: The robot calculated that its path will encounter a collision with itself Retrain the problematic movement. 

Possible solutions: The error will provide a Pose which the Robot has calculated as the problem pose. Begin your troubleshooting at the identified pose. 


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