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     At startup, the following interface is displayed :

     This interface contains a Menu Bar, a Toolbar and several Panels.


     By default, the following panels are displayed:

Project files panel
& Project objects panel
Robot view
& Video monitor panel
Box libraries panel
Inspector panel
& Robot application panel
Flow diagram panel

     You can find more advanced panels in the View menu:


File menu

     This menu allows you to create, open and save a Project; add new content to the current Project, modify its Project Properties; export the current Project as a CRG file or build it to an Application. Finally, you can exit the application through this menu.

Edit menu

     This menu allows you to undo and redo last actions made in the diagram. You can also access to the preferences of the application through this menu.

Connection menu

     This menu allows you to connect to and disconnect from your robot.

     Once you are connected to your robot, you can also:

  • play and stop the opened behavior.
  • display or hide the Log viewer when an error occurs in the behavior.
  • transfer files between your computer and your robot.
  • update robot system (in Connection > Advanced) with a new version of its software.

View menu

     This menu allows you to manage the displayed panels. You can select the ones you want to hide or display, you can then save and load named workspace Layouts or reset your workspace layout to default.

Help menu

     This menu allows you to see the statistics of the current behavior (number of boxes, number of lines, etc) and to access to the general documentation, the documentation about Choregraphe and the API reference. You can also get some information about the version of Choregraphe you are currently using through this menu.


     These buttons are shortcuts to actions you will often need while creating behaviors. Note that keyboard shortcuts are also available.

../../_images/chore_bluebuttons.pngCreate a new project, Open or Save a Project.
../../_images/undo_redo_buttons.pngUndo and Redo last actions made in the Flow Diagram.

Connect, Disconnect or Try to reconnect your robot.

For further details, see: How to connect to Choregraphe ?

../../_images/chore_greenbuttons.pngPlay or Stop the current Behavior.
../../_images/chore_yellowbutton.pngSee the warnings and the errors that can occurs during the execution of a behavior.

When you click the Play button, the Progress bar shows the status of the Behavior loading.

It can be:

  • Greythe behavior is not loaded.
  • Moving green and grey: the behavior is loading.
  • Green: the Behavior is loaded.
../../_images/volume_button.pngEnables you to set the volume of the robot's speakers.

Activate / deactivate the Animation Mode which enables you to easily manipulate your robot and store its position.

This button can be:

  • Green: the Animation Mode is deactivated.
  • Orange: intermediate state where the animation mode is either loading or unloading.
  • Redthe animation mode is activated.

Turns ON and OFF the Autonomous Life on the robot.


If you play a Behavior while the Autonomous Life is turned on, Choregraphe plays it using ALAutonomousLifeProxy::switchFocus.


Rest button. Sets the Stiffness off.

If your robot is standing, before setting the Stiffness off, he goes to the Crouch posture.


Wake Up button. Sets the Stiffness on.

Additionally, if your robot is crouched, he also goes to the StandInit posture.


Do not touch your robot during a wake up; or the Active Diagnosis may return false positive results.


Indicate the level of battery of the connected robot.

This indicator can be:

  • Green: the level of the battery is almost at its maximum.
  • Orange: the level of the battery is medium.
  • Red: the level of the battery is very low and your robot is going to shutdown in a few minutes if you do not plug the charger.

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