PEPPER - Factory Reset (NaoQi 2.9 Android Version)

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What is it?

A Factory Reset operation resets the Robot to its factory settings:

  • It removes the User data and the system partition that are on the Robot.
  • It re-installs a NAOqi OS on the Robot.
  • It erases the User data on the Tablet and re-installs Android OS on the Tablet.

To avoid the Factory Reset process being interrupted, keep the Robot charging while performing the Factory Reset.

Procedure (Via Tablet Settings)

 A Factory Reset will erase all the user data that is on a Robot.

You must be owner or admin of the Robot to perform a Factory Reset. 

  • Turn the Robot ON

  • On Android home screen, click the circle (with 6 dots icon ) in the center right border.

  • Tap Settings to launch the settings menu.

  • Scroll down. Tap Backup & Reset.

  • Tap Factory Data Reset.

  • Tap RESET.


  • Enter your SoftBank Robotics account and password linked to the robot.
  • Tap OK.

 You must be owner or admin of the Robot to perform a Factory Reset. If not, when your enter your SoftBank Robotics account and password, the Tablet displays a message error: "Unknown error occured".

NAOqi System Image download starts. This step may take a while, depending on the download speed.

When the Factory Reset is completed, the Robot stands up and the Shoulder LEDs blink green. 

You will need to follow the Getting Started Wizard again. 

To check that the Factory Reset has been properly done, press the Chest Button once to hear Pepper’s notification.

Pepper will say: "I have successfully updated my system, I am now running version XXXX. I have successfully completed my factory reset, all my data and settings have been reset ."

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