PEPPER - Charging with the Charging Station

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The Charging Station is an extension of the Battery Charger. Instead of manually using the Battery Charger every time you want to charge Pepper, it allows Pepper to take care of its battery on its own.

You need to install and configure the Autonomous Recharge application to use the Charging Station, as described below

Once you installed the Autonomous Recharge application:

1. Go to the Autonomous Recharge application. The Settings page opens.

2. Activate the Autonomous Recharge.

3. Set the options you want to use (see below). 

A. Activate Quiet Mode

If activated, no dialog is played when Pepper goes to or leaves the Charging Station, but sounds are still played.

B. Set Battery Level

Set the lowest battery percentage at which Pepper should go to the Charging Station to recharge itself, and the highest battery percentage at which Pepper should leave the Charging Station.

C. Set Working Schedules

If activated, you can set the time during which Pepper is to be working. Pepper leaves the Charging Station during the scheduled working time you set, and then goes back to the Charging Station at the end of it.

1. Click Manage Working Schedules. The list of existing working schedules appears.

2. Click the Add schedule icon to add a new schedule.

3. Choose the days and the time slot during which Pepper will work.

4. Optional. Activate Standby Mode to make Pepper go on standby mode when it is on the Charging Station.

5. Click Save Schedule.

D. Manually ask Pepper to leave or to go to the Charging Station

You can manually make Pepper go to the Charging Station or leave it, clicking this button whenever you want.

 When Battery Level and Working Schedules are both activated at the same time:

  • If Pepper is within its working time slot but its battery percentage is under the lowest battery percentage you set, Pepper will go on the Charging Station until it reaches a sufficient battery percentage to work.
  • If Pepper is within its charging  time slot, it will remain on the Charging Station even if its battery percentage is at the highest battery percentage you set.

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