Shared Data

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This page provides a detailed overview about the Shared Data Panel. 


Shared Data

Stores all the data for each item in the workspace. Displays the current status of variables and signals, whether created by the system or the user.

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Some variables can be viewed and set directly from Shared Data independently of the behavior editor. Variables are added automatically to Shared Data when, for example, a user adds a signal, creates an endpoint, or creates a loop node.

Inside the Panel

The Shared Data Panel shows parameters used globally or specific to the opened task.



Robot Global Shared Data - common across all tasks

  • Robot Data
  • Commanded Tool Forces - forces sent to tool plate
  • Measured Tool Forces - forces applied to tool plate
  • Measured Tool Positions - tool plate location
  • Signals - all signals creates, grouped by Device
  • Signal: In
  • Robot IO - each input signal added to IO
  • pneumatic
  • vacuum: pressure sensor feedback value
  • vacuum_volts
  • safety - info related to safety inputs (1 = true, 0 = false)
  • Signal: Out
  • Robot IO - each output signal added to IO
  • pneumatic - status of pneumatic valves inside the Controller

Current Task's Shared Data - associated only with open task

  • Signals - all signals created in the Signals Panel and Object Mass properties
  • Endpoints - user created
  • User Variables - user created
  • Node Variables - user created
  • <global>

Tip: To navigate the Shared Data more easily, collapse the sections that are not used frequently to focus more on the commonly accessed data.

Shared Data expand collapse.png

Parallel Gripper Info

EPG Gripper Signal: Inputs


EPG Gripper Signal: Outputs


Vacuum Gripper Info

Vacuum Gripper Signal: Inputs


Vacuum Gripper Signal: Outputs


Signals and Variables

Signals Inputs and Outputs


User Variables




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