Video monitor panel

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What is the Video monitor panel

The Video monitor panel :

  • displays what is seen by the active camera of NAO’s head. It shows you in real-time what NAO is seeing.
  • It also allows you to teach NAO to recognize objects.

Video monitor panel functionalities

Here are the actions you can make in the Video monitor panel:


Play or pause the retrieval of the video from NAO’s active camera.

For switching NAO’s active camera, please refer to -> How to change NAO’s active camera.

Switch simple video retrieving mode to learning mode.

For more information, see section: -> Teaching NAO to recognize objects.

Import a vision recognition database from your computer to Choregraphe.

Export Choregraphe’s current vision recognition database to save it on your computer.
Note: A vision recognition database is saved as a .vrd file.

Clear Choregraphe’s current vision recognition database.

This action removes any object you already taught from Choregraphe’s current vision recognition database. Choregraphe suggest you back up its current database before clearing it.

Send the current Choregraphe’s vision recognition database to the connected NAO.


The vision recognition database is not saved in the project file. So if your behavior needs your vision recognition database to work and you want to execute your behavior on another robot, you will then have to send your vision recognition database to that other robot first.

Note: The vision recognition database is not reinitialized at Choregraphe closure or startup.

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